Our Story

Clippo began in 2006, took a nap in 2016, and relaunched with a BANG in 2020 to provide safe, work-from-home, fair paying jobs to women in Durham Region during the pandemic.

We pay fair wages to everyone on our team (never, ever less than $18/hr), donate to as many charities and organizations as possible, and do our very best to spread kindness (not germs). We're not for everyone. . . we know. We're sweary and vocal about our morals and values.

We're proud to be the go-to site for unique Canadian goods, and if you've got something unique to sell, we'd love to support you! We prioritize supporting female-owned businesses, and we value marginalized creators.

We're still making Canada's fave masks. We know they're the best, most comfortable, well-fitting cloth masks in the world, and we're so glad you love them, too.

We are SO grateful for your support.

Thanks for shoppin' here.

xo Alex & The Clippo Crew