Our Story

Clippo began in 2006, took a nap in 2016, and relaunched with a BANG in 2020 to provide safe, work-from-home, fair paying jobs to women in Durham Region during the pandemic.

We pay fair wages to everyone on our team (never, ever less than $18/hr), donate to as many charities and organizations as possible, and do our very best to spread kindness (not germs).


A few months ago, we added other small businesses' products to our site, and we're happy to be the go-to site for unique Canadian goods.

We're still making Canada's fave masks. We know they're the best, we won't leave you maskless! And we'll still provide safe, work-from-home jobs for fair pay, and we'll continue supporting our community as much as possible through donations and Masks for Good.

We are SO grateful for your support.

Thanks for shoppin' here.

xo Alex & The Clippo Crew