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How much is shipping?
Shipping is selected at checkout. Pick the cheapest option ! It's all pricey, we know. . . we make absolutely nothing on shipping (we lose, actually), and we try to keep the product costs as low as we can to offset the reality of shipping costs. That's one of the hardest parts about running an online biz.

Can I pick up my order?
If you're ordering something we carry on hand at the Clippo Studio, yes! We are located in Brooklin, Ontario, and the option to pick up will appear during checkout. If you run into any snags, email us at hello@clippo.ca and one of our customer care reps will do their best to assist.

Is Clippo Canadian?
We're proudly 100% Canadian owned, and the vast majority of products we sell are made by Canadian companies, too. We try hard to support our fellow Canadian makers and small businesses.

Can we run a fundraiser with Clippo?
Probably! Are you a non-profit, or charitable organization in Canada that's doing good? Let's chat! You can drop us a line at hello@clippo.ca.

Would you stock my company's products?
Maybe! Send us some info on your products (hello@clippo.ca). We're always happy to support other entrepreneurs. Products have to fit our vibe -- the sassier, the wittier, the better. Throw a "fuck" or two in there, and you're golden. Preferably female-owned, and Canadian. They have to be easy to ship globally. Your wholesaling system should be streamlined. Procurement is happening now for the first quarter of 2024!


What are Clippo Masks made from?
Our masks are high quality (tightly woven!) pre-washed (and shrunk), double-layered 100% cotton, with adjustable polypropylene (latex-free) ear elastics and rust-free aluminum nose pieces. They are washed in scent-free detergent, and dried without fabric softener. For details on just how great our nose adjusters are, click HERE. Our ear adjusters are 100% silicone. 

How are Clippo Masks Packaged?
We package masks in biodegradable cellophane, and ship in recyclable mailers.

What size should I buy?
We offer two sizes: Big (ages 8+) and Small (ages 3-7/8). All our Little Kids' masks are HERE.  The Little Kids' masks are approximately 6" across, and the Big ones are about 8" across. For info on how a mask should fit, click HERE.

How do I care for my Clippo mask?
Our masks are made of pre-washed (and shrunk) cotton, so you don't have to worry about shrinkage. (Heh.) You can hand- or machine-wash in hot, and throw in the dryer. Or, you can re-press the pleats with an iron, or use a flat iron, or when they're wet, just pull them from each side to set the pleats, and lay flat or hang to dry. Do NOT bleach!

I lost my ear elastic adjusters, can I get more?
You sure can. Click HERE. They're also handy for masks you've purchased that didn't initially come with adjusters. Click HERE to see how to put new adjusters on.

Can I buy nose pieces?
Yup: clickety-click. These can be attached on the outside of any mask. They won't wash well once applied to the outside of a mask because of the adhesive, but at least you'll have a tight fit until laundry day.! Please note that the nosepieces we sell are not the same high quality we use in our regular masks. Those are special. ;)

Where do you source your fabric/elastics/nose pieces/whatever, and what's your mask pattern?
We get asked these questions a lot! While we love that so many people love what we're doing, what makes Clippo masks so special is the time and research that has gone into our product development. Our patterns are designed by Sarah Prole or Alex Thom, and are proprietary to Clippo. Our raw materials matter a whole lot to our quality -- it took a lot of time and research to find which elastic we love most, which nosepieces really stand up the best, and which patterns and quality of fabrics we purchase. So, with all this in mind, we politely decline in sharing specific sources, but will tell you this: it's just a Google away. Enjoy the research! It's part of the fun, we think.